Announcing FML (June 15, 2022)

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June 15, 2022

FML Studios launches community-growth service offering, helping businesses build communities that enhance technology and innovation ecosystems.

Through community development, Fulfilling & Meaningful Life Studios partners with startups and technology businesses to accelerate their impact, amplify their mission, and connect believers. In addition to driving success for both share - and stakeholders, our mission is to change the meaning of F*ML. We believe every individual is meant to live a *Fulfilling and Meaningful Life. 

Calgary, Canada, June 15, 2022 - FML Studios is delighted to announce the launch of our new community and consulting studio. FML has arrived to help organizations leverage the many benefits of community through community growth services, partner and operated communities, and the FML community itself.

Serving emerging technology companies, FML’s mission is to enable technology organizations to amplify their impact. We do this by helping those organizations build communities centered around their mission and purpose. While FML’s primary clients are startups and technology-focused businesses, services are available to any business looking to understand community as a tool for growth, amplify their mission using community, and gain a strategic advantage. 

At FML, we help our clients build thriving communities that equip them with a strategic advantage: community. Community-led organizations have been trending in many industries, and for good reason. Investing time and strategy into community is more than just keeping up with buzzing trends; it’s a key part of success and a core generator for propelling businesses forward. Creating community as a strategic advantage improves product insight and development, expands networks for sustainable growth, attracts believers to your mission, and develops strong culture. 

“We are very excited to announce the launch of FML Studios today. This is an important step in our mission to help organizations make an impact on the world. We know that connecting those that believe in a purpose and mission, is a key component to the longevity of any business. And we are here to help. Sharing our expertise and best practices in community building and partnering with our clients to build thriving communities." - FML Founder, Zachary Novak

Studies, such as this from Harvard, show that community is a key component of a long, fulfilling life. We at FML believe that fulfilling and meaningful lives are the product of well-connected communities, and that these communities ultimately support innovation. In addition to the benefits to people, community provides immense benefit to product development and sustainable growth. Champion programs and the like have become integral to business outcomes. Connecting users to other users, developers, and leadership allows organizations to become thriving ecosystems, with user-groups cross-pollinating marketing, sales, and recruiting efforts. FML is here to support the growth of this ecosystem and we have the know-how to help your organization grow. 

About our business

We believe at the core of every innovative organization is the desire to help people achieve their potential. We guide those organizations in establishing, growing, and amplifying communities that advance that purpose.

Our definition of community: is a group of people who come together to nurture their own and one another’s growth.

Here are some of our top reasons to build community:

1. Rally a community around your product.

Community acts as a part of your product. It amplifies the product offering because customers are realizing their potential through your product, while being part of a supportive community.

2. Develop authority by attracting supporters, mentors, and believers.

When a company builds community, it is propped up by a group of believers and thought leaders who are consistently bringing people together, learning with one another and establishing the company's authority on the matter.

3. Building a flywheel - moats and network effect

Like a web, more connections lead to stronger advantages. It is incredibly difficult to build lasting communities, but once established it is likely to create a stable moat that deters competitors from breaking in.

About our founder

FML Studios is led by community builder, Zac Novak. Zac's own purpose is to enable others to connect and grow together so they can live fulfilling lives - FML Studios is that purpose in action.

Zac has: 

  • Helped 100+ people pivot into careers in tech through community
  • Raised over $150,000 for charity
  • Built a global community of emerging leaders
  • Advised on $30 billion+ strategic financial transactions
  • Helped a $2 billion organization go public
  • Successfully brought SaaS technologies to market

To learn more about FML Studios, please contact us at:

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Community plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands. No matter where you are in the process, FML studios will be there every step of the way.

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