Our Story

FML studios was born to make a difference- with people, in companies, and on the world.

We aim to help organizations amplify their mission through community. By moving the focus from building and selling great products and services, to building community operations’ models that exponentially amplify tech organizations’ mission.

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About our founder

FML Studios is led by community builder, Zac Novak. Zac's own purpose is to enable others to connect and grow together so they can live fulfilling lives - FML Studios is that purpose in action.

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On being an advisor

  • Advised on $30 billion+ strategic financial transactions
  • Helped a $2 billion organization go public
  • Successfully brought SaaS technologies to market
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On building community

  • Raised over $150,000 for charity
  • Built a global community of emerging leaders
  • Helped 100+ people pivot into careers in tech through community

Why work with us

You want to put people at the center of your business knowing that it will:

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Improve product insight

Work directly with community members to get feedback tightens iteration loops and ensures product-market fit.

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Amplify your brand

Deliver content and experiences to your community that establishes your organizations' thought leadership.

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Attract believers to your mission

Building a community of people who believe in your mission organically increases engagement and fulfillment.

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Community driven sucess

Make your community the success engine to drive your business forward. Supporting each other to get the most from your product and service.

Our Values


Being our true authentic selves. Celebrating the differences between our team, our clients, our communities, and ensuring we are inclusive and equitable for all.


Believing in the power of community: those who care for one another, share openly, and support each other make the greatest collective impact.


We believe every person can live a life of meaning and fulfillment. Ultimately, we are here to help organizations that help individuals make their difference in the world.

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Let’s Get In Touch

Community plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands. No matter where you are in the process, FML studios will be there every step of the way.

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