Every great business starts with community.

We want to build a future where community is a strategic advantage for technology organizations. By building communities, we accelerate businesses’ ability to impact the world.

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fulfilling & meaningful life. studios.

Why we exist

For many, FML means something else: an acronym that stands for “f*ck my life,” usually said at the end of a not-so pleasant situation.

We, at FML studios, are on a mission to change that.

We believe every individual is meant to live a *Fulfilling and Meaningful Life.

We aim to make this reality by helping businesses build communities that accelerate their ability to impact people and the world.

What We Do

We believe at the core of every innovative organization is the desire to help people achieve their potential.

We guide those organizations in establishing, growing, and amplifying communities that advance that purpose.

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Community Growth Services

We help our clients build thriving communities that equip them with a strategic advantage. We focus on startups and technology businesses, who believe community is a key part to their success.

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Partner Communities

What’s community-building without partners? FML partners with pre-launch leaders to build and grow their budding community.

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Operated Communities

Communities built and operated by FML Studios. We build communities that enhance the overall technology and innovation ecosystem.

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The FML Community

Community is all about learning, sharing, and collaborating. We come together to discuss how community can help amplify missions of organizations.


Why build community?

Community is a group of people who come together to nurture their own and one another’s growth. Here are some of our top reasons to build community:

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Rally a community around your product.

Community acts as a part of your product. It amplifies the product offering because customers are realizing their potential through your product, while being part of a supportive community.


Develop authority by attracting supporters, mentors, and believers.

When a company builds community, it is propped up by a group of believers and thought leaders. Consistently bringing people together, learning with one another and establishing the company's authority on the matter.

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Building a flywheel - moats and network effect

Like a web, more connections lead to stronger advantages. It is incredibly difficult to build lasting communities, but once established it is likely to create a stable moat that deters competitors from breaking in.

FML Consulting Services

Here are some of the deliverables you can expect when we create custom community packages for your business.

Ideating communities


From idea to launch and beyond.

We help take community from an idea to a core part of your strategy and ensure a successful launch

Evolving communities


Have a community you want to reimagine?

We use a combination of discovery processes, design thinking, and strategic planning to help you evolve your community.

Growing communities


Looking to accelerate your robust community?

We work with you to diagnose and build a plan to grow and scale your impact.


See what others are saying about us!

Zac is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about how technology companies can utilize community to strategically drive business goals. In working with Zac as a peer in the community profession, I've been able to learn so much from his community-first approach. If you are a company looking to truly find a competitive advantage through community building, FML is where you start.

Brigitte Legault

Community Leader

Zac is an exceptional community builder with experience, passion, and talent to help any company build their own loyal community or fan base. His deep understanding of connecting on a personal level while bridging business value through inclusive practices cuts through everything he does. He's driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing him to add value to every interaction. It's always a pleasure working with Zac.

Vicki Laszlo

VP Marketing

I’ve experienced first-hand his dedication and thoughtful leadership. He brings an empathic, inclusive, and present approach to business, and has continuously demonstrated the requirement that strategic thought and ideas must be coupled with execution. His extensive business experience coupled with his innate ability to discern human connection and the characteristics of community will help any customer-facing business link community to profit.

Kaila Hoar

Business Owner

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Community plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands. No matter where you are in the process, FML studios will be there every step of the way.

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